Wichtia Toy Train Club








Click here for a membership application (PDF Document)

Members have the privilege to operate club layouts using either the display trains or their own equipment. All members may operate their own trains on WTTC layouts at various train shows and events we attend throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us at WTTC, P.O. Box 4091, Wichita, KS 67204-0091

Or email us at WTTC Membership

Regular WTTC meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month at the Club's Building at 130 S. Laura in Wichita, unless prior arraignments have been made to move the meeting location or date.


Yearly dues (01/01 to 12/31)

Individual Membership

Family Membership
* Basic $36$48
Premier Switchman$50 - $99$75 - $124
Premier Brakeman$100 - $149$125 - $174
Premier Engineer$150 - $199$175 - $224
Premier Conductor$200 - $249$225 - $274
Premier Yardmaster$250 - $299$275 - $324
Premier Dispatcher$300 - $349$325 - $374
Premier Trainmaster$350+$350+

* For NEW MEMBERS ONLY - when joining the club the yearly Basic Membership dues are prorated by remainly yearly 3 month quarter(s). 

Premier Memeberships - Provide additional operational and building improvement funding. Premier Memberships will be acknowledged on the WTTC Train Tracks.  Additional benefits will be announced for Premier Memberships. If you prefer not to be acknowledged you can opt out at your request.

O-gauge layout - WTTC operates an O-gauge modular layout with three continuous loops of Lionel O-gauge track, which has been featured at many shows around the region. The two outside tracks have O-72 curves which can support the biggest O gauge engines available and the inner track has O-36 turns. The current full size layout with all modules in place is 15-feet by 48-feet. For smaller spaces some of the modules can be removed to reduce the layout size to 15-feet by 20-feet.  All three loops can be operated with conventional transformer contro,l but we also operate DCS and TMCC/Legacy control systems on the large layout. A couple of our members have the new Lionel Legacy control system which makes an appearance at some events.

Carpet Central layout - Dubbed Carpet Central; because it can be set up on any flat surface (or carpeted floor). We have put together several large boxes of Lionel Fast track which is an aluminum track with a plastic road bed. This is much easier for small groups to transport to an event in a single car and is also very good for small spaces and quick set up and tear down. With this layout we use tables provided by the event host. We have several pieces of grass turf carpet and over x pieces of track to make up the layout that works best for the event situation. With this setup the number of loops and the size of the layout is pretty much just limited by the imagination of the club members and the event space available.

S-gauge layout - This layout curently consists of eighteen section.  Included in additional sections is a bridge module that allows members to enter and leave the layout without having to crawl under the tables to get inside the layout. This layout has two continuous loops that can handle the largest of the S scale locamotives available.