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Member layouts

The members layout page is for WTTC members to display pictures of their own personal layouts and train projects or to build a layout site and link it to the WTTC web site. The photos and links below are all from WTTC members if you would like to display photos of your layout please contact us about becoming a WTTC member.

WTTC member : Jason I - J&D R.R. web site

WTTC member: John H - Photo Gallery

WTTC member: Hennry J - Edgemoor Branch Line - web site

WTTC member: Jerry Marcus's HO scale layout - This alpine European layout has 45 structures, 250 people, 250 lighted objects and has 14 locomotives with digital sound.  All structures, locomotives, etc. are from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Jerry built this layout in 2002-2005 and has been continuously updating it. There is some infared navigation that allows one train to stop at a station for 15 to 20 seconds.  Also it is used to turn on and off a steam engine's bell.  There is a grand central station underneath the layout where he has 8 trains which can be seen on a TV monitor at the control station.  He can bring any of these trains up onto the layout. At one end of the layout is an amusement park and at the other a port with ships and an operating crane. There is also a gondola that runs across the layout. There are over 25 lighted vehicles. He says he play amusement park music when running the trains which adds realism to the layout. The mountain scene is 22 feet long and 6 feet high, there are flashing stobe warning lights at the top of two of the peaks in the backdrop.

WTTC member: Jerry Marcus's N scale layout